The origin of the brand

Delest is originally a pseudonym of Estel Schmitt, designer and designer, used for years. The time of the time of the time. The name, character and personality of each of them have been perfected. "Delest is my professional self," she says enthusiastically, a trait that characterizes her well. Estel is a sparkling young woman, confident and seductive, a way of being beautiful, of expressing her style and of creating chic and refined collections.

Delest Couture

Delest Couture is a French brand and the entire collection is entirely made in the main workshop in France. It exists concretely since a little time with a creator, it is a project of heart which is realized today with commitment and passion.

The values of Delest Couture are femininity and glamor, they pay particular attention to the body of each woman in value, the sublime for what is even more seductive and seductive. "I want women to dress with pleasure," says Estel Schmitt, adding "not by obligation".

Delest Couture says that every woman is unique and therefore commits to offer models to your image. It is thus addressed to all. The brand is inspired by the desires of the designer, everyday, fashion and trends for the time, Sketch sketches, developed by Estelle Schmitt, which would give birth to great outfits.